Ninh Thuan, with its year-round golden sunshine and cool breeze, is an ideal destination for nature lovers. If you are planning your trip and searching for the perfect resort to relax, consider the following options with the 8 most beautiful and modern resorts in Ninh Thuan.

1. Amanoi Resort Ninh Thuan

This luxurious 6-star resort, designed in a unique Japanese traditional style, offers a serene ambiance nestled on the hillside with breathtaking natural mountain views. Alongside premium amenities such as a spa, infinity pool, yoga, and fitness center, Amanoi also provides a cultural experience of Cham Pa heritage and delightful seafood flavors. Address: Vinh Hy Hamlet, Vinh Hai Commune, Ninh Hai District. Room rates: from 20,000,000 VND – 150,000,000 VND per room.
(Note: The translation assumes that the names, addresses, and room rates remain the same in English. Please double-check the accuracy of the details if you intend to use them.)

Top 8 Famous Beachfront Resorts in Ninh Thuan 1
Amanoi Resort Ninh Thuan (Photo: Inteternet)

2. Hon Co – Ca Na Resort

Located near Ca Na Beach, Hon Co – Ca Na Resort is an ideal choice for couples seeking a romantic and private getaway. This resort features a Cham Pa-style design with 102 rooms and beachfront bungalows. In addition to amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, and spa, the resort also offers a restaurant serving a variety of delicious dishes. Rating: 3 stars. Address: National Highway 1A, Ca Na Commune, Thuan Nam District. Reference price: from 990,000 VND/night.

Top 8 Famous Beachfront Resorts in Ninh Thuan 2
(Photo: Inteternet)

3. Hoan My Resort Ninh Thuan

Situated on Yen Ninh Street, Son Hai District, Phan Rang Thap Cham City, Hoan My Resort offers 160 4-star standard rooms, including 128 guest rooms and private villas. At this resort, you can also enjoy the beauty of Ninh Chu Beach, witnessing stunning sunrises and sunsets every day. This will help you forget all your worries and immerse yourself in the gentle sound of the waves. Additionally, the resort features a luxurious restaurant, tennis court, and spa services for your relaxation. They also provide services such as motorbike and car rental, flight ticket booking, and tour guides. Address: Yen Ninh, Son Hai, Phan Rang-Thap Cham, Ninh Thuan. Phone number: 0259 2478 888.

Top 8 Famous Beachfront Resorts in Ninh Thuan 3
(Photo: Inteternet)

4. TTC Resort Ninh Thuan

With a unique design inspired by Cham Pa culture, TTC Resort is not only beautiful but also modern. Located on the shores of Ninh Chu Beach, this resort offers stunning and refreshing scenery. With a total of 100 4-star standard rooms, TTC Resort is spacious and well-equipped with amenities. The resort also features a garden, swimming pool, and playground for children. The resort’s restaurant primarily serves traditional Vietnamese dishes, which you can enjoy in a beautiful culinary setting near the beach. Address: Ninh Chu Beach, Yen Ninh, Son Hai, Ninh Hai, Ninh Thuan. Phone number: 0259 3870 074. Reference price: from 1,399,000 VND/night.

Top 8 Famous Beachfront Resorts in Ninh Thuan 4
TTC Resort Ninh Thuan (Photo: Inteternet)

5. Ninh Thuan Hoan Cau Resort

Hoan Cau Resort in Ninh Thuan is renowned for its simple yet elegant thatched roof architecture. Each accommodation is equipped with a balcony and private exit, providing guests with a sense of staying in a private home. Located along the beach, you can enjoy wonderful moments by the sea. Additionally, the resort is situated near the old market, where you can explore and shop for souvenirs, arts, and street food of Ninh Thuan. Address: Ninh Chu Beach, Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan. Phone number: 028 3890 077. Reference price: starting from 450,000 VND/night.

Top 8 Famous Beachfront Resorts in Ninh Thuan 5
Ninh Thuan Hoan Cau Resort (Photo: Inteternet)

6. Aniise Villa Resort

This is one of the fantastic resorts in Ninh Thuan that you should consider when visiting this sunny and windy region. With a location just 5km from the city center, this resort allows easy exploration of various attractions. From here, you can easily visit the Cham Tower, Tri Hai salt fields, Bau Truc pottery village, Vinh Hy Bay, and many other attractions.

Aniise Villa Resort Ninh Thuan is a 4-star standard resort, offering 22 rooms, 12 villas, and 32 premium standard villas. Each accommodation is furnished with modern and convenient amenities. The resort provides a full range of entertainment services, a swimming pool, restaurant, and conference facilities, catering to all the needs of guests. Address: Yen Ninh, Son Hai, Ninh Hai, Ninh Thuan. Phone number: 0259 6251 867. Reference price: from 1,050,000 VND/night.

Top 8 Famous Beachfront Resorts in Ninh Thuan 6
Aniise Villa Resort (Photo: Inteternet)

7. Thai Binh Duong Resort

Thai Binh Duong Resort is one of the popular choices in Ninh Thuan, offering affordable prices and quality services. This resort is located near famous tourist attractions such as vineyards, Yong Hee Bay, and Cham Tower. Additionally, the resort has a private beach for guests to enjoy swimming, leisure activities, and camping.

Thai Binh Duong Resort provides facilities such as a swimming pool, garden, restaurant, and entertainment area. The resort has a total of 41 rooms, including 8 VIP sea-view rooms and family rooms with 4 beds, catering to the needs of guests. Address: 169 Yen Ninh Street, Khanh Hai Town, Ninh Hai District, Ninh Thuan Province. Phone number: 0259.3874824. Website: Standard: 2 stars. Reference price: starting from 400,000 VND/night.

Top 8 Famous Beachfront Resorts in Ninh Thuan 7
Thai Binh Duong Resort (Photo: Inteternet)

8. Tanyoli Resort

Tanyoli Resort in Ninh Thuan is a suitable choice for those who love the pristine beauty. The resort has a large area surrounded by a cactus fence, creating a feeling of stepping into the Mongolian grasslands. Guests can experience the lifestyle in Mongolian-style tents.

At Tanyoli Resort, guests can participate in various beach activities such as boat racing and kayaking. Additionally, you also have the opportunity to enjoy local specialties such as banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake), banh can (grilled rice cake), and chicken rice in the sunny and windy land of Ninh Thuan. Address: Phuoc Dinh, Ninh Phuoc, Ninh Thuan. Phone number: 028 3930 0108. Reference price: starting from 460,000 VND/night.

Top 8 Famous Beachfront Resorts in Ninh Thuan 8
Tanyoli Resort (Photo: Inteternet)

These are just a few other resorts in Ninh Thuan for your reference. Consider the amenities and prices to find an option that suits your needs and budget. Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing vacation in Ninh Thuan!

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