Sweet cakes – a dish that is simple yet famous, enticing, and pleasing to anyone who has ever tasted it. The southern region of Hanoi, specifically Thuong Tin district, is becoming a paradise for sweet cakes with numerous unique stores. Here, one can easily find a variety of cakes with different prices. However, the presence of many shops does not guarantee that all of them have remarkable quality and flavor. For those who love sweet cakes and live near this area, we would like to introduce the list of “Top 10 famous sweet cake shops in Thuong Tin district with delicious and irresistible flavors.”

1, Huong Vi Viet

First on our list is “Huong Vi Viet.” The shop is famous for its delicate blend of gentle and classic Western styles. Upon stepping into “Huong Vi Viet,” customers will be drawn to the elegant and refined ambiance, accompanied by soft, melodious piano music, providing a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. The dedicated and professional staff are always ready to provide detailed advice on each type of cake, helping you choose your favorite sweet treats.

What makes “Huong Vi Viet” special is the diversity of its cake product catalog, constantly updated and renewed daily to keep customers engaged with the latest trends. Here, you can easily find familiar traditional cakes as well as new and unique creations. The shop’s noteworthy aspect is its innovative decorations, with exquisite details that create an artistic space.

Enjoying the cakes at “Huong Vi Viet,” you will savor their characteristic delicious flavor. The cakes are soft, melting in your mouth, with just the right level of sweetness, making them irresistibly attractive. Each moment of enjoying these cakes brings joy and satisfaction, making it well worth the price you pay.

If you are interested, the address of “Huong Vi Viet” is No. 33 Tư Giay Street, Thuong Tin town, Thuong Tin district, Hanoi. To order and find more information, please contact the phone number 092 611 69 39.

Indulge in sweet and delightful moments with “Huong Vi Viet” – an ideal destination for sweet cake enthusiasts in Thuong Tin district.

huong vi viet bakery

2, Thu Huong Bakery

Thu Huong Bakery – a famous sweet cake house filled with luxury and warmth in Thuong Tin district, leaving every customer with a sweet feeling. Designed with sophisticated cream tones and diversity, the space here captivates the eyes upon entering. At the bakery, sweet cakes are not just ordinary dishes; they become artistic masterpieces, delicately combining sweet cakes with tropical fruits. This brings diners new, unique, and refined culinary experiences that were previously unseen in Vietnamese cuisine.

Each cake at the bakery is crafted with talent and skill by professional bakers, arranged in an exquisite and beautiful manner. The service team at the bakery contributes to customer satisfaction with their enthusiastic and professional attitude. Here, all you need to do is take out your camera to capture beautiful pictures of these creative cake works. Each product at Thu Huong Bakery is made with dedication and care, whether it’s a sweet cake or any other type of pastry. This has made the bakery a top destination for sweet cake and culinary art enthusiasts.

The address of the bakery is No. 162 Tran Phu Street, Thuong Tin town, Thuong Tin district, Hanoi. If you are interested and want to find out more information, you can contact the phone number 090 417 63 64. Come to Thu Huong Bakery and immerse yourself in a sweet space, where sweet cakes become artistic masterpieces filled with essence and refinement.

3, Gia Khanh Sweet Cakes

Gia Khanh Sweet Cakes – an unmissable destination for those who love premium sweet cakes in Thuong Tin district. With an elegant and gentle space adorned in pink and white tones, this shop immediately impresses with its allure and attraction from the first glance. The cake display at Gia Khanh is full of colorful and sweet scents, leaving a lasting impression on customers. The quality of the cakes here is guaranteed without using additives or chemical sugar, ensuring food safety as per regulations. The seasonal cakes are a special highlight of the store, not only delicious but also beautifully decorated, leaving a profound impression on diners. This has attracted a large number of customers who come here every day.
The address of Gia Khanh Sweet Cakes is No. 92 Tia Street, To Hieu, Thuong Tin district, Hanoi, Vietnam. You can contact the phone number 0949920225 for more detailed information.

Discover Gia Khanh Sweet Cakes and enjoy the excellent, visually appealing, and guaranteed quality sweet cakes at this unique destination. Gia Khanh Sweet Cakes – a wonderful destination for those who love the sweet flavor and elegant ambiance.

4, Tan Thien Tuong Cake Shop

Tan Thien Tuong Cake Shop – an indispensable destination for sweet flavor lovers in Thuong Tin district. Upon stepping into the shop, customers will be drawn to the sweet aroma of exquisite cakes. The cakes at Tan Thien Tuong are not only sweet but also light and refreshing, not overly overwhelming, creating an irresistible taste sensation when enjoyed. Additionally, you will be impressed by the elegance and meticulousness in cake decoration, each type of cake designed separately and uniquely.

The operating principle of Tan Thien Tuong Bakery focuses on bringing customers the best quality products. The shop always puts effort into listening to and understanding customers to provide the most suitable choices. With a diverse menu, including bread, desserts, sweet cakes, detox options, birthday cakes, and pastries, combined with the warm and friendly serving style of the staff, the shop creates a relaxing and comfortable space for each visit. If you are passionate about sweet cakes, Tan Thien Tuong Bakery is definitely a must-visit place to enjoy fantastic, mouth-watering, and visually appealing cakes.

Contact Information:Shop Address: Km 25, Dong Xung Street, Nhi Khe Commune, Thuong Tin district, Hanoi. Phone number: 0988020086.

Tan Thien Tuong Cake Shop

5, Hai Yen Bakery

Hai Yen Bakery – an exceptional sweet cake shop in Thuong Tin district that not only attracts local residents with its delicious and reasonably priced products but also offers convenience and customer satisfaction. Here, the highlight is the success in creating cakes with exquisite flavors. The cakes at Hai Yen Bakery are both sweet and light, not too overpowering, making them irresistible to taste. Furthermore, you will be impressed by the elegance and meticulousness in cake decoration, with each cake designed uniquely and separately.

In addition to satisfying taste buds, Hai Yen Bakery also offers a space created by sparkling golden lights and wooden furniture, bringing a cozy and classic atmosphere, combined with an exquisite touch, creating a relaxing and sophisticated environment. This will be the ideal place to enjoy moments of relaxation and tranquility. When visiting this bakery, you will immerse yourself in a beautiful space and savor delicious cakes, all in a splendid and luxurious setting.

The address of Hai Yen Bakery is No. 272 Ga Street, Thuong Tin town, Thuong Tin district, Hanoi. You can contact the phone number 097 709 90 00.

6, Quang Moon Sweet Cakes

Quang Moon – a sweet cake paradise in Thuong Tin that attracts locals with its deliciousness and reasonable prices. It is an ideal destination for those who love the delightful flavor of sweet cakes. The cakes at this shop exude a sweet, rich aroma that captivates diners. The cakes at Quang Moon are beautifully decorated, featuring enticing flavors, and always leave a creative impression with their unique designs. Moreover, the shop’s location offers a simple, sophisticated, and serene space, providing a perfect environment for gatherings and enjoyable moments with friends.

The diverse and attractive cake menu at Quang Moon entices every customer and allows them to choose to their heart’s content. Each cake is crafted with care and artistry, leaving you with a sense of creativity when enjoying them. Additionally, the cakes at Quang Moon are suitable for all ages, from children to adults, as they have just the right level of sweetness, easily captivating everyone’s taste buds.

Contact Information: Shop Address: No. 36 Quan Ganh Street, Nhi Khe Commune, Thuong Tin district, Hanoi.
Phone number: 0964026020.

Come and enjoy the diverse, delicious, and visually appealing cakes at Quang Moon. This will undoubtedly be a sweet and memorable experience for every sweet flavor enthusiast.

7, Minh Tien Bakery

Minh Tien Bakery – an appealing destination that we want to introduce to you. Upon entering the shop, you will feel the comfort in the simple, elegant, and peaceful space. But more importantly, the noteworthy aspect is the attentive and enthusiastic service of the staff, creating a perfect environment for pleasant gatherings and meetings with friends.
The cake menu at the shop is very diverse and attractive, making every customer mesmerized and free to choose to their heart’s content. The cakes are exquisitely decorated with alluring flavors, providing a sense of creativity with their unique designs. Particularly, the cakes at Minh Tien Bakery are suitable for all ages, from children to adults, as they are not too sweet, making them easily enchanting to everyone’s taste buds when enjoying them.

Contact Information:Shop Address: Km 25, Dong Xung Street, Nhi Khe Commune, Thuong Tin district, Hanoi. Phone number: 0988020086.


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