Here is a list of six affordable homestays in Binh Duong with beautiful designs and convenient locations near the city center. If you’re looking for a refreshing getaway near Ho Chi Minh City to explore, take a look at these homestays as they will surely catch your attention at first sight.

1. Tropical Homestay Binh Duong – Tranquil and Green Oasis

Tropical Homestay Binh Duong is a unique destination located just 12km west of Saigon, offering a tranquil and green space while still being in the central area of the new city of Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong. This homestay features a distinctive architecture with staggered floors and gently sloping roofs, allowing natural light to pour in.

One of the strengths of Tropical Homestay Binh Duong is its spacious river view, completely separated from the hustle and bustle of the city. While not overly elaborate in decoration, this homestay still ensures customer satisfaction. The furnishings are simple yet elegant. The Saigon River flows by the homestay, combined with light and the fragrance of flowers and grass, creating a cheerful, pleasant, and comfortable atmosphere.

Tropical Homestay Binh Duong
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Each room in the homestay has glass walls, allowing guests to enjoy the beautiful scenery even when inside. In addition, Tropical Homestay Binh Duong provides full amenities such as a garden wooden floor for sightseeing, an outdoor BBQ area, and outdoor seating for relaxation. The location of the homestay is also convenient for visiting famous attractions such as Hoi Khanh Pagoda, Tibetan Pagoda, Thien Hau Lady Temple, and Ong Ngua Pagoda. Just by opening the door, you can enjoy the cool air, greenery, and charming garden scenery along with the refreshing river breeze. The lush green landscape in the garden guarantees you exciting experiences and satisfaction.

Homestay address: City Center, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong

Opening hours: Open all day

Price range: 3,000,000 VND – 5,000,000 VND per night

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2. Binh Duong BlueZone Homestay – The Perfect Blend of Classic and Modern Style

Binh Duong BlueZone Homestay is an excellent choice for your travel experience, with a design that harmoniously combines Asian and European styles. Each room is equipped with amenities such as air conditioning, TV, wooden beds, and closets. The presence of private bathrooms in each room creates a sense of privacy for guests.

With a location just a less than 10-minute walk from Thu Duc Market, Binh Duong BlueZone Homestay provides convenience for visiting and traveling to famous tourist destinations such as Ba Thien Hau Pagoda.

Binh Duong BlueZone Homestay features spacious, airy spaces and modern design with warm tones combined with exquisite yellow accents, creating an elegant atmosphere. The classic tiled roof house adds a romantic feel for couples, warmth for families, and style for young people looking to create beautiful check-in photos.

Each room in Binh Duong BlueZone Homestay is surrounded by Sesbania sesban trees, creating a romantic space and a pleasant fragrance when the flowers bloom. The homestay is also close to bustling shopping streets such as Thu Duc Market and Bach Dang River, making it convenient for sightseeing. The homestay owner and staff are very hospitable and friendly, willing to advise you on suitable Binh Duong travel itineraries.

With a maximum capacity of 3 guests, Binh Duong BlueZone Homestay is suitable for couples on vacation. It includes a living room, dining room, and a double bedroom along with a charming small garden outside. This homestay is definitely worth considering when you visit Binh Duong.

Homestay address: Di An Town, Binh Duong (near Tibetan Pagoda)

Opening hours: Open all day

Price range: 350,000 VND – 390,000 VND per night

3. Homestay Co Quyen – Relaxing Time in Nature

Homestay Co Quyen is an ideal choice for those who love the “garden house” style. With its rustic and countryside charm, this homestay meets the five-star standards of this style.

Binh Duong Co Quyen Homestay offers spacious and airy spaces, with a large garden filled with flowers and vegetables. It’s the perfect place to escape the noise of the city, with a landscape that exudes the essence of the southern countryside. You can enjoy fresh air and leisurely have coffee in the morning or evening, or capture beautiful photos with the rustic scenery.

This homestay is also an ideal place to wear traditional Vietnamese ao dai and leave a mark with your lookbook photos. Preserve beautiful memories of youth and decorate your home with images taken at this location.

Each bedroom in the homestay is decorated with wooden paneling, creating a cozy space. The beds are made of bamboo, providing a sense of familiarity with the rural areas of the past. Homestay Co Quyen also provides all the necessary amenities, facilities, and personal hygiene items. If you want to organize a BBQ or party, please contact the host in advance for preparations.

Homestay address: Di An Town, Binh Duong

Opening hours: Open all day

Price range: 200,000 VND – 400,000 VND per night

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4. Van Hue Homestay – An Exquisite Resort in Binh Duong

Van Hue Homestay is a must-visit destination in Binh Duong. Located in the Van Hue Garden area, this homestay boasts spacious grounds and convenient transportation. Van Hue Homestay Binh Duong offers various attractive activities such as a furniture showroom, garden Koi Cafe, and billiards.

Binh Duong Van Hue Homestay features a shared lounge, restaurant, bar counter, and a lush An Garden, catering to all customer needs. In addition to room services, this homestay also provides a water park and evening entertainment programs, along with 24-hour front desk service.

Van Hue Homestay
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In this Binh Duong homestay, all rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, a work desk, bed linen, towels, a private bathroom, and a balcony with a view of the lake.

Furthermore, the homestay boasts a green outdoor environment with plenty of trees, providing a refreshing atmosphere for guests. The small fish ponds and spacious pathways allow guests to sit and admire the scenery or feed the fish. Notably, the prices here are very affordable and lower than the average rate. Therefore, it is a worthwhile homestay option for you to stop by.

Homestay address: 5/12C Bui Huu Nghia, KP Binh Duc 2, Binh Hoa, Thuan An, Binh Duong

Opening hours: Open all day

Price range: 400,000 VND – 650,000 VND per night

5. Homestay C-D – A Simple and Affordable Retreat

Homestay C-D in Thu Dau Mot is a perfect choice for those looking for an affordable homestay with all the necessary amenities in Binh Duong. This homestay offers a simple beauty with rice mills, coconut trees, a traditional communal house, and an old-fashioned thatched-roof house. When you arrive here, you will feel a sense of tranquility and enjoy the cool and peaceful surroundings, reliving carefree childhood memories and experiencing the most relaxing and serene moments.

From Binh Duong C-D Homestay, you can easily travel to famous tourist attractions in Binh Duong. Additionally, the homestay provides dining services for guests upon request, but it is advised to contact in advance to make arrangements.

This homestay follows a rustic village style, without excessive modern amenities, but still provides all the necessary facilities such as a refrigerator, television, dining area, and bathroom. The homestay is always maintained clean, neat, and courteous.

Homestay address: Saigon River Embankment, Tan An, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong

Opening hours: Open all day

Price range: 250,000 VND – 600,000 VND per night

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6. Chu Quyen Homestay Binh Duong – The Perfect Combination of Comfort and Convenience

Chu Quyen Homestay Binh Duong is a homestay worth exploring with the perfect combination of comfort and convenience. This homestay offers a cozy atmosphere and quality services to meet all customer needs.

Chu Quyen Homestay Binh Duong is located in a convenient area near the center of Thu Dau Mot. This allows guests to easily travel and explore famous attractions in the area. The homestay also provides airport transfer services and tours for guests.

Homestay in Binh Duong  Chu Quyen

Each room at Chu Quyen Homestay is designed for comfort and convenience. The bedrooms are fully equipped with amenities such as a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, wardrobe, and work desk. The homestay also provides free Wi-Fi for guests to connect and work remotely.

In addition, Chu Quyen Homestay Binh Duong offers other amenities such as a restaurant, bar counter, and reception area. Guests can enjoy delicious meals at the restaurant and relax with drinks at the bar counter. The homestay also has a garden area and balcony for guests to unwind and enjoy the green space.

With attentive care from the staff, Chu Quyen Homestay Binh Duong ensures a comfortable and cozy stay for guests. The homestay is highly regarded for its cleanliness, attentiveness, and dedicated service.

Homestay address: Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong

Opening hours: Open all day

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