These are the enticing and diverse vegetarian restaurants in Vinh Long that are worth exploring and savoring.

1. Hoa Sen Vegetarian Cuisine

In the list of Top 9 vegetarian restaurants in Vinh Long, Hoa Sen Vegetarian Cuisine is a must-visit. This restaurant provides a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere with well-designed and organized spaces, showcasing a professional style. The cozy ambiance, diverse menu, and delicious dishes with rich flavors attract an increasing number of diners.
It is an ideal place to relax on weekends with family or friends. The appealing dishes are created by combining colorful vegetables such as green leafy vegetables, soybeans, etc. Prepared by experienced chefs, these dishes undoubtedly impress and leave a positive impression.

Top 9 Vegetarian Restaurants That Attract Visitors in Vinh Long 1
Address: 191/2- Đường Lò Rèn, Công viên đài truyền hình Vĩnh Long, Phường 4, Thành phố Vĩnh Long.

2. Tinh Binh Chay

With its elegant decor and minimalist color scheme, Tinh Binh Chay creates a peaceful and gentle atmosphere. The exquisite and enticing food presentation enhances the appetite of the customers.
The service style here is attentive, and the menu offers a variety of dishes including mushroom soup, corn soup, mixed vegetable fried rice, deep-fried tofu, and peppered sausage.

Top 9 Vegetarian Restaurants That Attract Visitors in Vinh Long 2
Address: 110A Trần Đại Nghĩa, Khóm 3, Vinh Long.

3. Thanh Dam Vegetarian Restaurant

One vegetarian restaurant that cannot be missed in the list of Vinh Long’s vegetarian restaurants is Thanh Dam Vegetarian Restaurant. With a long history and reputation for serving vegetarian dishes made from fresh vegetables, you can enjoy dishes such as vegetarian hủ tiếu, vegetarian bún, vegetarian bò kho, and more.
Address: 101 Đường 2 Tháng 9, Thành Phố Vĩnh Long.

4. Family Vegetarian Restaurant 134A

Family Vegetarian Restaurant 134A is a well-known restaurant offering a wide range of diverse dishes, including vegetarian bún riêu, vegetarian bún bò huế, vegetarian phở, and more. The attraction here lies in its affordable prices and professional service, providing a comfortable dining experience for guests.
Address: Đường 14/9, Phường 5, Vinh Long City.

5. Thien Duyen Quan

Thien Duyen Quan is an unmissable destination for vegetarian food enthusiasts in Vinh Long. The restaurant exudes sophistication and offers professional service. With its spacious and standout decor, you will be captivated at first sight. The menu is diverse, featuring rice, noodles, vermicelli, soups, hot pots, and more, at an affordable price, allowing you to indulge in many delicious dishes.
Address: 33/19B Phạm Thái Bường, Vinh Long City.

These are the enticing and diverse vegetarian restaurants in Vinh Long that are worth exploring and savoring.

6. An Lac Vegetarian Restaurant

An Lac Vegetarian Restaurant is loved by many people for its fresh ingredients and suitable preparation methods that cater to various tastes. With affordable prices, attentive and friendly staff, they ensure the quickest service possible.
Address: 49/1B Phạm Thái Bường, Phường 4, Vinh Long City.

7. Hoa Tam Vegetarian Restaurant

Hoa Tam Vegetarian Restaurant is an excellent choice for those who love vegetarian cuisine. With a variety of dishes including rice, noodles, porridge, hủ tiếu (noodle soup), vegetarian hot pot, spicy noodles, and more, the restaurant offers a cool and clean space, providing a comfortable dining experience for guests.
Address: 61/9 Mậu Thân, Phường 3, Vinh Long City.

8. Thoi Ke Vegetarian Restaurant

Thoi Ke Vegetarian Restaurant leaves an impression with its unique name and a wide range of attractive dishes, attracting a large number of customers. Carefully selected ingredients, including fresh vegetables, bring out excellent flavors for diners.
Address: 35/5B Trần Phú, P4, Vinh Long City.

9. 125 Vegetarian Restaurant

When you visit Vinh Long, make sure to stop by 125 Vegetarian Restaurant to enjoy a delicious and wholesome lunch. The restaurant offers a diverse menu, including vegetarian hủ tiếu, bún huế, vegetarian bò kho (braised beef), and more. With a very reasonable price of about 15,000 Vietnamese Dong, you can indulge in a tasty and nutritious meal.
Address: 125/2, khóm 5, Phạm Hùng, phường 9, Vinh Long City.

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