If you are lucky enough to visit Tinh Bien district, a border district in An Giang, take some time to explore the unique and mesmerizing destinations that go far beyond the ordinary.

Tra Su Melaleuca Forest – The legendary realm of flora and fauna

Located in Van Giao commune, Tinh Bien, An Giang, Tra Su Melaleuca Forest is one of the richest and most famous melaleuca forests in the Mekong Delta. When you visit Tra Su Melaleuca Forest early in the morning or in the late afternoon, when the air is cool and pleasant, you will witness the spectacular sight of thousands of birds flying back to their nests after a day of searching for food.

To explore Tra Su Melaleuca Forest, you can choose between a hand-rowed boat and a motorized boat for transportation. Furthermore, deep within the forest, there is an observation tower equipped with telescopes that provide a clear view of up to 25km, allowing you to admire the panoramic beauty of Tra Su Melaleuca Forest in its entirety.

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Forbidden Mountain – Where Nature and Spirituality Converge

With a height of approximately 705m above sea level, Forbidden Mountain is one of the highest peaks in the Thất Sơn area. When you visit here, you can explore Vạn Linh Pagoda, Thiền Viện Chùa Phật Lớn (Great Buddha Zen Monastery), the statue of Fat Di Lac, Thuỷ Liêm Lake, and Vồ Hong Temple. At the foot of Forbidden Mountain, Lâm Viên Park offers Thanh Long Water Park, where you can enjoy various exciting activities suitable for both adults and children.

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Furthermore, when you arrive at the “roof of the Mekong Delta,” you cannot miss the opportunity to taste delicious vegetarian “bánh xèo” (Vietnamese sizzling pancake), unique wild vegetables, and enticing dishes made from mountain crabs and snails. To reach the summit of Forbidden Mountain, you can choose to use the cable car (with a round-trip price of approximately 200,000 VND), or you can opt for trekking or taking a motorbike taxi.

Lầu Pagoda – The Exquisite Combination of Architecture and Art

Located in Xuân Phú hamlet, Tịnh Biên town, Tịnh Biên district, Lầu Pagoda (also known as Phước Lâm Tự) is a unique temple with impressive architecture. The name “Lầu” originates from the way the pagoda is designed with multiple floors, carrying the distinctive characteristics and a hint of Japanese architecture. With the red bricks, green tiled roofs, and stacked railings, this pagoda truly stands out.

The space inside Lầu Pagoda is spacious, airy, and adorned with vibrant flowers such as lotus, longevity flowers, and chrysanthemums.

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Latina Lake – A Magical Wonderland for Photography

Situated on the border between Tịnh Biên and An Giang districts, Latina Lake has quickly become a prominent spot for Instagram-worthy photos in the area. With its emerald green water and pristine, majestic beauty, Latina Lake is an ideal place for you to unleash your photography skills. Around the lake, there are also massive rock formations of various shapes and sizes, creating vivid and lively images.

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