Saigon, famous for its vibrant street food culture and diverse culinary landscape, has become a melting pot of global flavors. Among them, Indian cuisine holds a special place. With its rich spices, delicious curries, and a variety of breads, Indian food has captured the hearts of both locals and foreigners alike. If you’re looking for the best Indian restaurants in Saigon, you don’t have to go far. This guide will take you through the bustling streets of Saigon to discover the finest Indian restaurants that will satisfy your cravings.

1. Tandoor – Famous Indian restaurant in Saigon

Restaurant location: 39A – 39B Ngo Duc Ke Street, District 1

Tandoor is one of the most famous Indian restaurants in Saigon, offering authentic flavors of North Indian cuisine. Located in the heart of District 1, Tandoor is renowned for its traditional tandoori dishes, biryanis, and a variety of vegetarian options. With its cozy and inviting ambiance, it is a perfect place for both casual dining and special occasions. The menu is diverse, ranging from vegetarian dishes to Halal options for Muslim diners.

Must-try dishes:
– Chicken Tikka Masala
– Tandoori Grilled Meats
– Garlic Naan Bread
– Seekh Kebabs


2. Baba’s Kitchen – Recent Indian Restaurant in Saigon with Authentic Taste

Location: 164 Bui Vien Street, District 1

Baba’s Kitchen is a popular spot in the tourist area of Bui Vien Street. Known for its friendly service and flavorful dishes, Baba’s Kitchen offers a range of delicious and affordable Indian cuisine. The menu caters to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, ensuring every customer leaves satisfied.

Must-try dishes:
– Butter Chicken
– Vegetable Samosas
– Aloo Gobi
– Mango Lassi


3. Ashoka Indian Restaurant

Location: 17/10 Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1 (10:00 AM – 11:00 PM)

Ashoka Indian Restaurant is another gem located in District 1, serving a diverse menu of both North and South Indian cuisine. The restaurant is highly rated for its cozy ambiance and attentive service. Whether you crave spicy curries or lighter options, Ashoka has something for everyone.

Must-try dishes:
– Rogan Josh
– Dosa with Sambar
– Prawn Curry
– Raita


4. Ganesh – Traditional Indian Restaurant in Saigon

Address: 74A3 Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1

Ganesh Indian Restaurant has been a favorite among Indian food lovers in Saigon for many years. With multiple branches across Vietnam, Ganesh offers consistent quality and flavors. The menu is diverse, featuring classic Indian dishes prepared with fresh ingredients and authentic spices. A highlight of the menu is the rich and flavorful chutney.

Must-try dishes:
– Tandoori Prawns
– Palak Paneer
– Chicken Vindaloo
– Gulab Jamun Dessert


5. Benaras – Indian Restaurant & Bar

Location: 27 Thai Van Lung Street, District 1

For a more upscale dining experience, Benaras Indian Restaurant & Bar is an ideal choice. Located in a luxurious area of District 1, Benaras combines modern decor with traditional Indian flavors. The bar area is a great place to enjoy a drink before or after your meal, making it a perfect choice for a night out.

Must-try dishes:
– Seekh Kebab
– Dal Makhani
– Malai Prawn Curry
– Tandoori Bread


6. Namaste India – Indian Restaurant with Unique Dishes

Location: 22 Dang Thi Nhu Street, District 1

Namaste India is a popular choice for both locals and tourists due to its diverse menu and flavorful dishes. The restaurant prides itself on using high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods. Namaste India offers a relaxed dining space and excellent customer service.

Must-try dishes:
– Paneer Tikka
– Lamb Rogan Josh
– Chicken Tikka Masala
– Garlic Bread


7. Spice India – Indian Restaurant in Saigon

Location: 226 De Tham Street, District 1

Spice India is another excellent choice in the bustling area of Ho Chi Minh City. Known for its generous portions and reasonable prices, Spice India is a great place to enjoy a satisfying meal. The restaurant offers a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, ensuring every customer finds something to their liking.

Must-try dishes:
– Paneer Butter Masala
– Chicken Korma
– Potato Paratha Bread
– Mango Lassi


8. Royal – Saigon Restaurant

Location: 228 De Tham Street, District 1

Royal Saigon Restaurant offers a unique blend of Indian and Vietnamese cuisine. This fusion restaurant is perfect for those who want to explore new flavors while enjoying familiar dishes. The menu includes a variety of classic Indian dishes as well as creative blends.

Must-try dishes:
– Fish Curry
– Chicken Biryani
– Vegetable Spring Rolls
– Mixed Grill Platter


9. Indian Curry House – Family Indian Restaurant

Location: 35 Mac Thi Buoi Street, District 1

Indian Curry House is also a famous Indian restaurant in Saigon. Known for its family-friendly atmosphere and delicious food, this restaurant is a favorite spot for locals. The menu includes a variety of Indian dishes, from spicy curries to sweet desserts.

Must-try dishes:
– Lamb curry
– Paneer Bhurji
– Chicken Jalfrezi
– Gulab Jamun dessert


Saigon’s culinary scene is rich and diverse, and Indian restaurants are no exception. From casual eateries to upscale dining establishments, the city offers plenty of options for those who want to enjoy a delicious Indian meal. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Indian cuisine or someone looking to explore new flavors, the best Indian restaurants in Saigon are sure to satisfy you. So, embark on this culinary journey and discover the vibrant flavors of India right here in Saigon.

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