Van Tri Golf Club is located in Dong Anh, the first private golf course in the North to achieve international standards. The course is certified to have the most beautiful design in Vietnam, with 18 standard golf holes and an eco-friendly landscape. Particularly, this golf course is exclusively for members of the club.

General introduction to Van Tri Golf Course

Van Tri Golf Club was designed by the P + Z design company, with 18 different difficulty levels to provide an excellent golf experience in every swing. This is a great place for you to play golf and relax after long working days.

Address of Van Tri Golf Course

Van Tri Golf Course is located in Dong Anh district, about a 30-minute drive from the center of Hanoi. Visitors can enjoy the feeling of relaxation, immersing in nature right next to the city.

  • Address: Kim No Commune, Dong Anh District, Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • Hotline: 024. 2217 1600.
  • Website:

Van Tri Golf Club was built by Noble Vietnam Co., Ltd (established in 2003, a 100% foreign-invested enterprise). It has been operational since 2007. Since its establishment, the course has won many prestigious awards, notably the award for the most beautiful and eco-friendly golf course design. In 2011, the course also received an environmental management certificate.

Design of Van Tri Golf Club

This is the ideal destination for nature-loving golfers who are seeking challenges. With 18 diverse golf holes, this is a private course that meets the first international standards of Vietnam. The total length of the course is 6,700 yards when measured from the blue tee and 7,200 yards when measured from the champion tee.

The reason why Van Tri Golf Club is called a private course is that it is only open to club members. The number of members is also limited to 400 people, in order to serve and provide the best experiences for users. Members are entitled to many high-quality benefits and services. In particular, privacy and personal security are always absolutely guaranteed.

The golf course is designed to harmoniously blend in with nature, with challenging rounds interspersed among water hazards, sand traps, and natural grass, creating a uniquely special landscape. According to many golfers’ assessments, each round played at Van Tri Golf Club has its own unique features and is not duplicated with any other round.

The terrain and conditions of Van Tri Golf Club are always among the top golf courses in the North. Each golf hole has its own unique characteristics that require golfers to carefully calculate every shot. The course has wide fairways and layup areas that present challenges from the very first swing. However, the reward received from these risky long shots is extremely valuable.

Among the 18 golf holes, some are particularly outstanding in design. An example is hole number 4, which has the most beautiful Par 3 on the course. The golf holes at the course are a continuous chain, without a starting or ending point, creating a harmonious whole. In particular, some golf holes are designed with the green part situated on a separate island, interspersed with sand traps and water hazards to challenge the skilled shots of players.

The attraction of Van Tri golf course

Vân Trì Golf Club is considered one of the best private golf courses in northern Vietnam, offering a range of attractions that golfers cannot resist. The design of each golf hole is carefully calculated, ensuring that players can execute their shots accurately. The complex terrain increases the challenge for golfers, requiring them to consider their strategies and carefully calculate the direction of their shots. The fairways are wide, with an upgraded layup area to increase the difficulty level of the course. Hole 4 is particularly beautiful, with a par 3 and a length of 174 yards, offering good visibility for players from various positions across the entire course.

Hole 16 is another par 3 hole, with a green area located on a separate island surrounded by a series of sand traps and water hazards. Players must have excellent ball striking skills to succeed. Hole 18 is located between a water hazard and four sand traps, making it one of the golf holes that can be easily scored with a birdie but also easily result in a bogey or double bogey. Therefore, this is a hole where you need the assistance of a caddy.

In addition to the attractions of the golf course, Van Tri offers a range of convenient services that appeal to members, including a modern clubhouse that meets the needs of members quickly and conveniently. The pro shop area provides various sports equipment and tools with diverse models produced by famous brands. The restaurant system serves a variety of dishes to meet the needs of different customer groups. After playing golf, golfers can relax with high-quality spa and massage services.

Van Tri Golf Club has won numerous prestigious awards, including being voted the golf course with the most beautiful design and best service quality by the Vietnam Golf Association for two consecutive years (2008 and 2009). In 2009, Van Tri was honored as an environmentally friendly golf course by the Vietnam National Tourism Administration. Hole 8 received the title of “Best Par 4 Golf Hole in Vietnam” in the Best Golf Course in Vietnam contest in 2012-2013 organized by Vietnam Golf Magazine. In 2015, the golf course was certified as the “Best Maintained Golf Course.” Van Tri Golf Club is one of the few golf courses in northern Vietnam to receive multiple awards simultaneously.

Detailed price list for the golf course

The golf course only serves members, so there are no listed prices for individual players or visitors. MyhuyGlobal would like to provide you with a detailed price list for membership registration at Van Tri Golf Club, as follows:

Long-term membership registration fee for individual customers: USD 132,000, equivalent to VND 3,075,600,000.

  • For a business card registering one person: USD 158,400, equivalent to VND 3,690,720,000.
  • For a business card registering two people: USD 285,120, equivalent to VND 6,643,296,000.
  • For a business card registering three people: USD 427,680, equivalent to VND 9,964,944,000.

Long-term membership cards will be valid for 30 years. The above cost includes all types of taxes, and members will not have to pay any additional taxes.

In addition:

The fee for changing a member’s name on a business card is USD 500, equivalent to VND 11,650,000. The annual membership fee is VND 52,000,000. The combined membership fee (for spouse) is VND 26,000,000. Children under 18 years old: Annual fee is waived.

With over VND 3 billion spent on membership registration, golfers will enjoy the privileges and benefits of the course for many years in a row, not just one year as many people think. As shown in the fee table, the membership card is valid until April 2037. This means that the experience of playing at a top private golf course and the accompanying facilities will be maintained for at least 17 years. In addition, the price includes all types of taxes, so members will not have to pay any additional taxes when they come here in the future. Therefore, this is a private golf course that many customers choose to play golf in the long term, satisfy their passion for golf, and ensure their privacy.

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