The Golden Bridge and the Dragon Bridge are two architectural masterpieces of Vietnam that have been honored by numerous world travel blogs in the list of Top 6 most beautiful bridges in the world. However, not all bridges are merely structures connecting two points across rivers or valleys. Some of them have become famous landmarks worldwide, attracting millions of tourists to visit each year. These 6 bridges are considered as precious gems of architecture and technological marvels, leaving a deep impression on travelers and recognized by many world travel blogs.

The Golden Bridge (Da Nang, Vietnam)

Included in the list of the top 100 most beautiful destinations in the world in 2018 by Time magazine, the Golden Bridge has a length of 150 meters and stands 1,400 meters above sea level. With giant moss-covered hands supporting it, the Golden Bridge is likened to a fairyland scene in Ba Na Hills, Da Nang.

Since its debut, the Golden Bridge has captured the attention of the online community and not only impressed domestic tourists but also appeared continuously in international media, reputable newspapers, and specialized architecture and design websites.

Two bridges in Vietnam have made it to the Top 6 most beautiful bridges in the world. 1

The Longest and Highest Glass Bridge (China)

The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge in China, known as the longest and highest glass bridge in the world, is considered a unique “monster.” With a length of up to 430 meters and a height of 360 meters, this bridge has set a new record for modern glass construction.

The bridge was completed in 2016 and has become an attractive tourist destination for thrill-seekers. However, few dare to step foot on this bridge as it is entirely made of transparent glass, creating a frightening sensation when standing on it and looking down into the deep abyss below. Viral videos of the experience on this bridge have made it famous worldwide.

Two bridges in Vietnam have made it to the Top 6 most beautiful bridges in the world. 2

Building Bridges Bridge (Venice, Italy)

Building Bridges Bridge (Venice, Italy) is a unique project by Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn, born in 1966, with the participation of giant stone-carved hand sculptures. This bridge consists of six pairs of hands with heights ranging from 10 to 12 meters and widths ranging from 20 to 30 meters.

These pairs of hands symbolize the connection and coexistence of humanity, as well as the human desire to reach higher. The project depicts six common values of humanity, including ‘Friendship,’ ‘Trust,’ ‘Help,’ ‘Love,’ ‘Hope,’ and ‘Intelligence,’ each value represented by a pair of human hands overcoming differences and aiming for a better world.

Two bridges in Vietnam have made it to the Top 6 most beautiful bridges in the world. 3

Dragon Bridge (Da Nang, Vietnam)

Dragon Bridge in Da Nang, officially opened in 2013, is a unique tourist destination that attracts many visitors to visit and admire this magnificent architectural masterpiece. The bridge has the shape of a giant dragon, with a length of 666 meters, a width of 37.5 meters, spanning the Han River, and equipped with a lighting system of up to 15,000 LED lights. It is considered one of the most beautiful check-in spots at night when the lights are on and reflecting on the river’s surface, creating a stunning and colorful landscape under the starry sky.

Two bridges in Vietnam have made it to the Top 6 most beautiful bridges in the world.4

Langkawi Sky Bridge (Malaysia)

If you want to experience thrilling moments while walking on a suspended bridge amidst the majestic scenery of mountains and the sea, then Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia is the ideal destination.

This 400-feet-long bridge is suspended at a height of 2000 feet above sea level, making visitors walking on the bridge feel amazed. Although the curved surface of the bridge is only 6 feet wide, the panoramic view of the archipelago it offers to visitors is enough to overlook this small drawback. With its astonishing curved length, Langkawi Sky Bridge is considered one of the longest curved pedestrian bridges in the world.

Two bridges in Vietnam have made it to the Top 6 most beautiful bridges in the world. 5

Glass Bridge (Kiev, Ukraine)

An impressive glass bridge has emerged in Kiev, Ukraine in recent years. It is not as large as the bridge in China, but when stepping on it, visitors can feel a shiver down their spine.

Two bridges in Vietnam have made it to the Top 6 most beautiful bridges in the world. 6

From a height of 20-30 meters above the ground, this glass bridge offers visitors an impressive view of the city center of Ukraine’s capital and the Dnieper River, the magnificent landscape of the city when viewed from above. The bridge structure is made of concrete, iron, and glass, with a length of 212 meters and a width ranging from 6 meters in the regular area to 14 meters in the observation area.

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