Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Binh Dinh as we unveil the top 5 must-visit destinations that will leave you in awe. Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Binh Dinh as we unveil the top 5 must-visit destinations that will leave you in awe.

1 Ky Co – Exquisite Mineral Beach

Located about 25 km away from the city of Quy Nhon, Ky Co Beach lies in the island commune of Nhon Ly, carrying within it a wild and rustic beauty that few know of. This is truly the most appealing destination in Quy Nhon, with two winding mountain faces in the front and the rest embracing the blue sea, creating an ideal environment for adventurous souls using their motorbikes. You can certainly choose a car for exploration, but opting for a motorbike opens up exciting opportunities and makes it easier to immerse in the pristine nature of this place. Ky Co has risen as a hidden paradise of Nhon Ly, providing a vast beach area of over 1 km², with a horizontal sandy shore alongside calm and gentle waves. This beach blends perfectly between the azure sea, majestic rock formations, and untouched golden sand, offering visitors a sense of mystique and wonder.

Top 5 must-visit fascinating destinations in Binh Dinh 1
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The city of Quy Nhon enjoys a mild climate, making any time a suitable time for those who wish to visit. However, for the best experience, the period from February to August is considered ideal. During this time, the weather is cooler and there is less rainfall, making it easier to move around and explore. At Ky Co, you can witness a romantic sunrise by the beach early in the morning. Additionally, you can take a stroll along the nearby mountain ridge to explore the coastal area. In the cool water, you can play with the gentle waves and flip over small patches of seaweed to discover tiny marine creatures. Above all, don’t miss the opportunity to fully appreciate the beauty of Ky Co Beach in Quy Nhon by visiting the coral reefs at Bai Dua.

2 Eo Gio – Gemstone of the Central Coast

Nestled within the Nhon Ly commune, less than 20 km from the center of Quy Nhon, Eo Gio opens up a new dimension of travel, attracting all visitors to this paradise of the Central Coast. Eo Gio is a famous destination of breathtaking beauty, combining the pristine natural charm with the harmony of the river, sky, and mountain peaks. This is indeed one of the perfect havens for those seeking an adventurous journey, where the blue sea is embraced by rocky mountain formations, curving as if to encircle the refreshing sea bay.

The name “Eo Gio” actually derives from the unique geographical shape of this area. Standing on the high cliffs that surround it, you’ll come across a small sea strip comfortably nestled amidst the mountains, like a faithful watery embrace surrounding the beautiful beach.

Top 5 must-visit fascinating destinations in Binh Dinh
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Eo Gio is captivating due to the richness of rock and water. Flowing through the ages, the water has sculpted diverse rock formations, while the sea breeze has created 19 swallow caves, each bearing unique names such as Ky Co Cave, Ba Nghe Cave, Bat Cave, Suc Khoe Cave, and more. Particularly, the Phuong Mai Peninsula has become one of the locations with the second-highest number of swallow caves in Vietnam, following Nha Trang.

When you set foot in Eo Gio, seize the chance to indulge in this stunning natural panorama. Walking along the coastal road, passing through captivating and safe staircases, you’ll have the opportunity to admire the grand view of mountains and the vast sea landscape. Broadening your gaze, you’ll be entranced by the untouched beauty and “painting-like” allure of Eo Gio, where nature’s wonders and marvels crystallize.

3 Trung Luong Resort and Leisure Area

Located about 30 km to the east of Quy Nhon city, in Trung Luong hamlet, Cat Tien commune, Phu Cat district, Trung Luong Resort and Leisure Area, which opened in early 2016, promises to make your Binh Dinh exploration journey more fascinating and captivating than ever. It is regarded as the Jeju version of the Land of Kimchi. With its pristine and tranquil nature, this is an ideal place for experiencing camping and enjoying the best moments here.

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Trung Luong Resort and Leisure Area brings a new dimension of fun and beach relaxation, attracting a large number of visitors to come and enjoy a simple and close-to-nature life. Here, interesting seaside cafes, swings under the beach, restaurants, and beautiful homestay huts are built in close proximity. And when the night falls, the sparkling lights create a magical space. You can enjoy barbecue, sing songs echoing, or organize warm barbecue parties together. This place also boasts numerous spots for taking photos, allowing you to comfortably capture beautiful moments. The golden sunlight, green grass, and fresh air, alongside the large limestone blocks, all contribute to a magnificent and delicate painting. With reasonable prices and excellent service quality, this is truly an unmissable destination.

4 Dragon’s Head Peninsula – Moments of Nature’s Harmony

Beneath the poetic sky, we step into the realm of Dragon’s Head Peninsula – a precious gem among the most beautiful spots in Binh Dinh. Here, nature blends a majestic inspiration, creating an indescribable beauty. Surrounded by rocky mountains, the boulders jut out amidst the sea, resembling a dragon with wings spread over the open sea. This destination increasingly attracts tourists from all over, showcasing an allure that is unmatched.

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If you’re fortunate enough to set foot on Dragon’s Head Peninsula, find a seat on the rocks, letting your soul take flight as your eyes merge with the breathtaking natural scenery. This is where the mountains meet the sea, accompanied by the small boats of fishermen, crafting a splendid tableau of wilderness. Immerse yourself in the refreshing, cool azure waters, and later savor fresh seafood like squid, shrimp, and fish in the village. The experience will be unforgettable. Not far from this area, Tan Phung Market is also a fascinating stop, waiting for you to explore. Dragon’s Head Peninsula – a place to relish the captivating moments of life and the freedom of the sea.

5 Hai Giang Island

Let’s navigate towards Hai Giang Island, a tiny gem located merely 6 km from Quy Nhon’s coastal town. It’s a pure and serene world, harmonizing with the waves of the sea. With a compact area of about 120 hectares, this beautiful piece of land was once exclusive to adventurers. Now, it has transformed into an exciting rendezvous, attracting travelers from near and far. At Hai Giang Island, you’ll find the simple, untouched beauty of nature, along with delectable seafood. The place is genuinely appealing, with its clear blue waters and smooth white sands.

Top 5 must-visit fascinating destinations in Binh Dinh 5
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Life on Hai Giang Island unfolds leisurely and peacefully, offering visitors moments of exquisite relaxation. What could be better than immersing yourself in the blue sea, challenging yourself with activities like diving, fishing, or even underwater sports? Among them, don’t miss the experience of snorkeling to admire the rich coral world here. Hai Giang Island’s unique sea boasts depth and clarity. With a diving mask and some swimming skills, you’ll uncover the vibrant coral world at this beautiful beach.

Let Giang Island lead you into the magnificent world of the open sea, offering exploration and immersion in the pristine natural beauty.

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