Langbiang Mountain in Da Lat – While planning your upcoming trip to Dalat, you cannot miss out on a unique and captivating destination – Langbiang Peak, located at the “roof” of the city. This place is an ideal destination for those who love to enjoy panoramic views and experience the beauty of Dalat. However, you might wonder what makes Langbiang Peak special and what to keep in mind when visiting. Let’s refer to the following article for the most detailed and comprehensive answers about the unique experience at Langbiang Peak.

1. Discovering Langbiang Peak in Dalat

Langbiang Peak is located in Lac Duong District, Lam Dong Province, approximately 12 km north of the city center of Dalat. It is one of the most famous landmarks in Dalat and is listed as a national-level scenic spot. With its two prominent peaks, namely Ong Mountain and Ba Mountain, Langbiang Peak becomes a marvelous symbol bestowed by nature upon this region. When exploring Langbiang Peak, visitors will have unforgettable experiences, from mountain climbing and embracing the love for nature to immersing themselves in the romantic ambiance of the mountains and forests. Surely, your trip will become even more memorable and fulfilling than ever before.

Exploring Langbiang Peak: Unique Experience at the "Roof of Dalat" 1

2. Traditional Principles and the Name “Langbiang”

This mountain is called Langbiang based on a legend about a love story that began here. H’Biang, a girl, fell in love with K’Lang. They lived on this mountain and loved each other deeply. However, due to their different ethnic backgrounds, their families opposed and forbade this love. In the end, they chose death to continue their sacred love. Since then, this mountain has been called Langbiang, commemorating an emotional and sacrificial love story.

When setting foot on Langbiang Peak, you will be captivated by the pristine and majestic beauty of Dalat’s mountains and forests. The breathtaking landscape from the summit will mesmerize nature enthusiasts. At the same time, you can engage in activities such as mountain climbing, exploring the lush green spaces of Dalat, or relaxing in the surrounding resort areas. If you want to discover Dalat from a different perspective, don’t forget to visit Langbiang Peak – an excellent travel experience at the “roof” of this dreamy city.

3. Finding the Best Season to Explore Langbiang Peak

On the journey to discover the City of Thousand Flowers, Dalat, visitors can experience all four seasons in a single day. Therefore, you can visit Langbiang Peak at any time of the year. However, based on the travel experiences of many people, spring is considered the best time. During this season, you will enjoy the magnificent scenery with cherry blossoms blooming everywhere. If you want to go mountain climbing, choose the dry season for easier movement and to experience the unique race track.

4. Directions to Langbiang Peak

To conquer Langbiang Peak, visitors have two methods: hiking (mountain climbing) or using a jeep. A popular method favored by many foreign tourists and young people is mountain climbing. The path to the mountain peak is a trail deep within the dense forest, passing through the Bi-Bop National Park and reaching Mount Ba, providing you with an excellent experience of pristine nature.

Although mountain climbing requires difficulty, it offers more diverse landscapes and terrains compared to other routes. It takes about 3 hours to climb up Langbiang Peak and 2 hours to descend. To ensure health and safety, bring personal medical supplies to be prepared for any unfortunate situations.

Alternatively, you can choose a safer method by walking along the winding asphalt road, approximately 6 km around the mountain – this road is designated for jeep vehicles. Or, for a convenient conquest of Langbiang Peak, you can use a jeep. The jeep ticket prices range from 100,000 to 120,000 VND per person (for a vehicle carrying about 6 people), and after 15 minutes, you can successfully honor the majestic Langbiang Peak. The mountain road is rugged and challenging, especially during the descent, the slope and speed will stimulate your curiosity and excitement, and you may want to experience it again if given the opportunity.

Many people have been to Langbiang Peak but believe that “not trying the jeep ride would be a miss.” Enjoy the exhilarating feeling of descending the mountain by jeep to add more excitement to your journey.

Exploring Langbiang Peak: Unique Experience at the "Roof of Dalat" 3

5. Experience Ticket Prices for Langbiang Peak

When you visit Langbiang Peak, ticket prices will adhere to the latest update in 2022. For a one-way ticket to Langbiang, the prices are very attractive, starting from 50,000 VND per person, and children under 1 meter only need to pay 25,000 VND. In addition, the jeep ticket to ascend Langbiang Peak is priced at 100,000 VND per person, and the parking fee at Langbiang is 5,000 VND per vehicle. These are truly reasonable prices, aren’t they? So, what are you waiting for? Hurry to Dalat this summer to conquer Langbiang Peak.

6. Amazing Travel Experiences at Langbiang Peak

When visiting Langbiang Peak, tourists have many thrilling activities to choose from. Additionally, you can also enjoy the natural surroundings, admire the sky’s clouds, and take in the panoramic view of Dalat City.

At the Langbiang Peak tourist area, visitors can indulge in various games, ranging from relaxing activities to thrilling experiences. Tourists often come here to admire the scenery and capture beautiful photos. Adventurous individuals often opt for adrenaline-pumping activities such as paragliding and mountain climbing to enhance their experience.


Paragliding is an exhilarating activity that is loved by many tourists when traveling to Langbiang Peak. This activity has been in operation since 2014. To participate, you will undergo a short training session. Make sure to use the paraglider correctly and safely for yourself. The flight starts from Rada Peak and ends at Dan Kia Lake. The ticket price for paragliding is 600,000 VND per person.

Mountain Climbing

This is a game for those tourists who want to challenge themselves and conquer the mountain peak with their own strength. It requires agility and good physical fitness. However, participating in a Langbiang tour will provide an even better experience. When exploring here, you can choose a trail that is approximately 2 kilometers long to climb to the summit.

Exploring Langbiang Peak: Unique Experience at the "Roof of Dalat" 4

Jeep Riding

This is an exciting and perfect option for tourists who want to admire the natural beauty of the mountain forest. By riding a jeep, visitors can enjoy the scenery from the slopes and still have enough energy to engage in other activities after reaching the peak. The jeep rental price is 300,000 VND per vehicle. Each jeep can accommodate 5 to 6 people for the ascent and return journey.

7. Interesting Check-in Spots at Langbiang Peak, Dalat

Langbiang Peak, besides offering the natural beauty of mountain clouds and stunning landscapes, also features other attractive check-in spots in the surrounding areas, providing unique and exciting experiences for tourists.

At the foot of the mountain:

At the base of Langbiang Mountain, tourists have numerous options for entertainment. Restaurants and souvenir shops cater to culinary and shopping needs. A notable spot is the Hundred Year Valley, where commemorative events and cultural exchanges of ethnic traditions take place. Visitors can participate in Gong performances and engage in conversations with local people, creating memorable experiences.

On the mountain top:

At the summit of Langbiang Mountain, tourists can enjoy the beautiful and fascinating space of restaurants, cafes, and unique check-in points. One notable feature is the observation binoculars that allow visitors to admire the panoramic view of Dalat City from above. Tourists can also engage in adventurous activities, take horseback riding photos, or explore hillside gardens featuring the affectionate statues of K’Lang and H’Biang. Additionally, souvenir shops are worth a visit.

Restaurants and cafes at Langbiang:

The Langbiang tourist area provides all the necessary amenities such as restaurants, eateries, resorts, and souvenir shops, offering convenient conditions for tourists. A distinctive highlight is a unique restaurant that allows visitors to enjoy coffee while overlooking the panoramic view of Dalat City from above.

Hundred Year Valley:

The Hundred Year Valley is a lesser-known destination but worth exploring when visiting Langbiang Peak. Just about 500 meters from the tourist reception area, this location offers various amenities such as restaurants, karaoke, and Gong performances. Tourists can interact with local people, listen to stories about Langbiang Peak, and learn about the unique culture of the region.

Mimosa Beach:

Mimosa Beach is approximately 1.5 km away from the visitor reception area. With its pristine beauty, it is an excellent destination for experiencing tranquility and relaxation. Visitors can walk on the ethnic minority suspension bridge and enjoy the peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Ba Mountain Peak:

Ba Mountain Peak is suitable for hikers who enjoy long-distance walks and want to challenge themselves. The trails here are quite challenging, but the beautiful landscape and diverse terrain promise incredible experiences. To reach the summit, tourists need to go through two stages. Starting with a smooth asphalt road of about 3-4 km, using a jeep, then continue hiking on a trail within the national park.

Dankia Hill:

Dankia Hill is situated at an altitude of 1950 meters above sea level, and it is the highest point accessible by private car. From here, tourists can admire the panoramic view of the city and enjoy the magnificent scenery of Dalat. Additionally, visitors can use telescopes to observe the detailed landscape and immerse themselves in the vast space of mountains, forests, and the expansive sky with white fluffy clouds.

These locations will undoubtedly provide tourists with memorable experiences and the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Langbiang Peak in Dalat.

8. Some Notes for a Safe and Fulfilling Journey to Langbiang Peak

When traveling to Langbiang Peak in Dalat, here are some important notes to ensure safety and fully enjoy the experience:

  • Safe driving: The road to Langbiang Mountain tourist area is not overly challenging, but it is still important to drive safely on steep and elevated roads. Adhere to traffic laws, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, and drive attentively.
  • Prepare for adventurous activities: If you plan to participate in adventurous activities such as mountain climbing, paragliding, and similar activities, ensure that you meet the physical and survival skill requirements. Bring personal essentials such as appropriate shoes, suitable jackets, drinking water, and necessary protective gear.
  • Travel in a group: Traveling with a team or a large group of people enhances safety and helps avoid getting lost. When accompanied by others, you can provide assistance and receive support when needed. Additionally, you can have companions to help capture beautiful photos and preserve memorable moments.
  • Read and follow the guidelines and regulations of the tourist area: Before exploring Langbiang Peak tourist area, carefully read the instructions and rules of the place. Observe safety regulations and guidelines, and respect the local environment and culture.
  • Carry backup supplies: Bring some backup items such as drinking water, snacks, first aid supplies, and a flashlight. This will help you be prepared for unforeseen situations and ensure safety throughout the trip.

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